morpheusgang is a completely community driven initiative, a few of us have opted to curate and keep things going.


Abhishek Garg


Abhi, sees music in everything. Sometimes we think, he thinks in musical notes!

Abhishek is expanding his learnings through his interactions with products and design as part of the morpheusgang.

At a very young age, he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. While at the engineering college he ran a venture to facilitate interactions within campuses. Later he co-founded Loremate, a start-up in the education space where is was responsible for technology, product & business strategies. He’s also had a teaching stint at an engineering college in between.

Very recently, whenever he is not curating or facilitating the morpheusgang, he is focussed on film-making and music. In 2014, Abhishek has had the privilege of interning at Svaram, an Auroville unit dedicated to understanding music and translating its vibrations through musical instruments. He blogs at You can find him in many places online: facebook, twitter & quora and some places offline; specifically if its end of the year at Auroville!


Amit Puri


AP for all of us, is the one we all go to when we need things done!

Amit takes care of everything at morpheusgang, which is not taken care of. He gives a special AP touch to it all. More specifically, he handles operations and finances at morpheusgang.

In the past, Amit has been involved with start-ups, corporates and NGOs alike (Computer Associates, United Health Group, Express Clinics, Deepalaya, Salaam Baalak, etc.). His experiences combined by him being an engineer at heart, is an added strength to the morpheusgang.

Having lived in various cities (if you are an army kid, you’ll know this) and worked in some across India, he has now chosen to live in Chandigarh. When not on an adventure trail with his bullet, or a cycle ride to the lake, you can find him spending time with his parents & grandparents or hanging out at morpheusHQ. You can stalk him online too: Blog, Instagram, Quora


Nandini Hirianniah


She is the thread that connects all of us.

Nandini thinks she has lived multiple lives in this one lifetime, this is the reason for her recent quest to knowing who she really is. Way back, she started her career as a journalist and mass media person. Her accidental entrepreneurial journey led her to co-founding madhouse media (2004-07) and later a start-up accelerator The Morpheus (2008-14), which has recently morphed into the morpheusgang.

At morpheusgang, besides doing a bunch of random things and making all the other folks work; she fills in for the much required female representation. However, more recently, she has taken a break from active participation from the morpheusgang.

When not indulging in methods of cooking, you can find her running errands for folks or on a bike up a hill or mountain.


Sameer Guglani


Sameer or Sam as we all know (?) him or he continues to surprise us!

Sameer’s entrepreneurial journey started with madhouse media (2004-07) and continued with startup accelerator “the morpheus” (2008-14) which organically morphed into morpheusgang. In morpheusgang, Sameer is one of the curators & co-ordinators.

His quest in life is to unlearn what the world around has taught him (prabhav) & to find and express his true nature (swabhav). Becoming a parent (2009) had a significant impact on his direction in life, specially when he became part of an integral education community in 2012, as a parent. Where he was initiated in the process of looking within & introduced to the inner dimension of life. With this his focus turned to observe himself, understand himself, work on himself and grow within. All his work also began to align with this purpose.

Alongside morpheusgang, he spends time doing a bunch of things – volunteering in the integral education process as a facilitator, working with folks interested in building conscious organisations, curating the “Oneness community” – a community of people seeking to live a conscious life & participating in anything else that calls him.


Sarvjeet Ahuja

 Techie from the core, with 16+ years of professional experience, Sarvjeet had been working on various technologies and domains throughout his career. He has led architecture and technology design of various medium and enterprise products/services spread across manufacturing, telecom, payment and HR domains. Working initially on back-end systems, Sarvjeet moved on to web-based products and services then finally created his own start up to help other start up companies. His role involves helping start ups to find the best technology solutions within the constraints of start up bootstrapping.  Before that, Sarvjeet worked directly or indirectly with Microsoft, HP, PPI, Times of India and Shell.

His passions are traveling and reading online. He still has hands on and keeping his habit of writing good code and whenever he gets time, he has his eclipse and visual studio open in parallel.

Sarvjeet is a post graduate from IIT Roorkee. As most of the techies, he does not blog and hardly tweets. You can catch him at sa[at]

[12:38:36 AM]
[12:38:36 AM] guglanisam: do you have couple of minutes to talk about the payment thing
[12:39:32 AM] guglanisam: basically sending money outside India is a longish procedure and needs bunch of documentation
[12:39:43 AM] guglanisam: i have initiated it with my bank
[12:39:55 AM] guglanisam: they need a couple of documents from my CPA
[12:40:19 AM] guglanisam: but since March 31 is last day of Indian financial year – my CPA is terriblly busy
[12:40:41 AM] guglanisam: and will only be able to give me documents in april second week
[12:41:20 AM] guglanisam: I wanted to check if you will be fine if the money comes to you April second week  but form goes live today
[12:42:00 AM] guglanisam: as an alternative I can try to make the payment to your paypal account using my credit card
[12:42:03 AM] guglanisam: let me know