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These are Open projects posted by Scholar Strategy.


We give guidance / advice on Study Abroad. We’re a bunch of folks who have ourselves gone through such phases of life where guidance for studying abroad was limited and decision making was very tough. Now we are here to help such individuals who seek rightful advice for the same.

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—— Open Projects ——

1. Title: Remote Student Manager

Technologies: Google docs, MS Excel


As a student counselling business, Scholar Strategy receives phone/email inquiries from students who want to know more about our services. I need a person who can take phone calls throughout the day, respond to queries (training will be provided), and enjoys talking to people.

SS is about helping students genuinely and not run a mass market fraud operation. I tell when a student should not enroll in our service, that is what makes us trustworthy. As the student manager, you will be the first gateway to build this trust with interested students.

Learning for candidates: This is a great way to learn building the lead generation and sales pipelines. A stay at home woman or Mom is most welcome to come aboard and help the business grow.
I will be paying for every student who enrolls and there is a possibility of getting this converted to a fulltime role next year..

Time frame of Project: 6 months (typically Aug-Dec)

How to apply: Please email me at using subject line – ‘Applying for student manager position’. Do send me your resume and some details of why you would make a good manager.

*Please apply only if you are comfortable taking phone calls at least 10-6pm. When you can’t, you would need to follow up in a timely basis. A passion to help students would be desirable.*


2. Title: Help with compiling a book


I am working on a student handbook for engineers who want to know more about studying abroad. I run a application counseling service for MS/MIS applicants to USA and have had good success for students so far. I have myself pursued MS in Comp Sci and am a MBA dropout from Top10 schools in USA. My counseling is restricted to students with good profiles and genuine ambitions. This has helped me build a loyal following.
This book would be part one of the Series ‘Don’t be a foolish engineer’ which will explore various career options. I need someone who likes writing/editing and has a good command over English. The book is expected to be 40K words and includes information plus interviews. Most of the material is ready, I need help with compiling, editing etc.

Learning for candidates: If you harbor any ambitions in writing/journalism/content creation, then it will be a great learning experience on how to get published, how to create original content, how to market books etc.
I have also published a fiction novel in 2014 and will be happy to guide any budding writer through the process.

Time frame of Project: 1 month

How to apply: Please email me at using subject line – ‘Applying for MS book writing assistance’. Do send me your background and any exposure to writing/blogging/content-creation/marketing in a cover letter.