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These are Open projects posted by Bhukkad.


Our vision is to be an affordable, quick service, natural and healthier fast food brand. We have couple of outlets in Bangalore.

Attention: If you have landed on this page directly without reading what Open projects are, we suggest you to read this blogpost about our Learning Exchange Programme and then follow the process

—— Open Projects ——

1. Title: Bhukkad Jack


The individual will handle a multitude of activities at Bhukkad-

1) Create unique marketing campaigns

2) Create standard operating procedures by collecting and analyzing data.

3) Create tools to help us in the process of hiring

4) Create our own loyalty and inventory tracking system.

5) Create content on your blog and social media to spread our message of natural fast food. This would include reaching out to food bloggers for collaborations on content creation.

Learning for candidates: The idea behind the Bhukkad Jack program is to introduce an individual to the idea of a start-up life. We will ensure that the person is introduced to all aspects of running the company. This would include financial, legal, HR, marketing, product development etc. Even though some of these activities are outsourced, knowing and understanding them is super critical.

The program will also give an individual to find out his interests and preferences through the option of handling and dealing with various activities a start-up undertakes. Ultimately for those who are looking to a be part of start-ups, this will help them find their niche.

Time frame of Project: 1-6 months

How to apply: The candidates can apply on
or they can send an email to