Just in (11/07): We have moved! Check out Hug-a-Start-Up here. Registrations are open for Hug-A-Startup in Mumbai for Sat 20 July 2013.


We believe that there are very many people who may not want to start out on their own, but are passionate about ideas and ready to become a part of an interesting innovation, great idea or a good small team to build value. And this belief is what led us to start this new initiative – Hug-A-Startup! Our debut was held in Delhi and we will be hosting future events.

Past Events

Hug-a-Startup Blore

Hug-a-Startup Delhi:  relive the experience here. #knowmore series: Airwoot |MyFruitChaat | Learning Outcomes | Cardback | One52 | CvBhejo | Secpanel | iimjobs | iDubba |  Akosha

Why now?

Historically Hiring has been one of the top-most things on any statups agenda. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of positions startups are hiring for in India. This has led to a skew of sorts, as there seems like, there is a dearth for good people who are ready to work for startups.

Back home, at the morpheus gang, one of the important topics discussed is hiring and hiring right! The more common questions asked is “Where do we reach out to find talented people who’ll associated themselves with startups?”

This led us to kick-start an initiative called “Hug-a-Startup”, ‘coz we believe now is the best time to reach out to all those talented people who have the potential to excel in a startup and are inclined, but may not have crossed paths with an interesting startup. Hence, now.

The Morpheus? Who the f*** are they?

We’re a startup working closely with startups for a while now. Know more about our Gang of Startups or us here.

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