A ‘secure’ lining for every cloud in 60 sec: join Secpanel at the frontlines of cloud security


Working at Secpanel is not a regular job. We are changing the way people secure servers.  It will take more than just a ‘job’ mindset to do it. – Rudhir, Founder, Secpanel


The Beginning

I saw the need for a security tool while working as a security consultant in a hosting company. I could see that a tool like Secpanel could help a lot of people.  With Secpanel, you can secure your cloud server easily and simply – it takes 60 secs and a single click to get up & running.

A typical day in the office is

Talking to customers, coding, listening to music, munching on high carbohydrates (ouch!), thinking. We often simulate security penetration testing (or hack testing) within our network to test a new feature of Secpanel.

What we’re upto?

More than 1600 servers have taken up Secpanel just this year. We want to develop our product further and acquire more customers. We are looking for people who are smarter than us to help us build a better product and/or to evangelize Secpanel.

We’re looking for

Somebody who thinks out of the box, hates status quo and loves freedom. You need to be very good at what you do. This means for:

… Techies: You love programming and can hack your way into any thing. Better still: You have worked on C/C++/PHP or Python.

…Business people: You have done sales for 2+ years and understand technology. Better still: You have sold to the hosting industry or sold hosting/servers etc.


Life at Secpanel…




Does a creative workplace at the forefront of  cloud security appeal to you? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Rudhir & the Secpanel team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


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iimjobs ‘shaking up’ the recruitment industry

I had a blog which gained momentum and recruiters were asking me to forward interesting opportunities to people in my network. I realised that existing channels for finding jobs were not effective for me or any of my friends.

Tarun, Founder, iimjobs

The beginning

iimjobs started as a project in 2008. After two and a half years, I quit my job and worked on iimjobs full time. Today, iimjobs helps connect top tier business school graduates and senior managers to their dream corporate job in areas like finance, banking, sales, marketing, consulting, HR and BPO.

A memorable experience

A few months ago, we released a B2C product. We were reasonably satisfied with traction but one of our guys decided to tweak the story we’d built around the product. Suddenly, the product just took off – we saw it grow 30% in one month. The product was essentially the same, but we had just re-positioned it.

What we’re up to?

At the moment, we have 3 million page views per month, we’ve raised VC funding, and shown profitability. I want to grow our existing numbers – increase job postings, usage, and reach out to more people.  I spend a lot of time working with the sales team to make sure we have a healthy pipeline.

We’re looking for

A person of integrity, who is obsessive about customers and aggressive about achieving their goals. These are the 3 things I look for when I bring someone in.


Life at iimjobs…


Does the challenge of growing iimjobs and being aggressively customer focused appeal to you? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Tarun & his team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


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Meet iDubba: On a mission to create India’s best second screen experience



We had left our jobs. We had to prove it to ourselves and everyone else that we could start iDubba on our own. – Rabi, Founder, iDubba

The beginning

In 2008, I missed 15 minutes of my favorite program and I had no idea what was on across all the other channels. I realised that people wanted TV alerts and TV recommendations on what to watch, much more than what was in any TV guide, and no one was doing it.

A defining moment

I won’t forget when The Morpheus rejected us the first time. After being rejected, we changed everything. We launched our website. When we  finally got into The Morpheus, we had learned how to survive without support for over a year and we were in a better position. Now, we’ve got 45K users, around 50K app downloads, and half a million page views a month.

What we’re upto?

We’re working on three new products – TV live chat, accessing TV data through mobiles and merging social media with TV experience. We’re very excited about their launch.

We’re looking for

People who are open and sincere. It doesn’t matter if you are super smart, but you should love your work.

We’re interested in meeting content writers and IT technicians, but we’ve hired a range of people in the past including some (kickass) software engineers, designers, hackers/coders/developers.



Life at iDubba… 



Want to get into new ways of enhancing people’s TV experience? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Rabi, Ashish & the iDubba team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


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Akosha is hiring! – Come and join the joyride

To be honest, every success and setback is temporary / ephemeral. We believe in keeping our heads down and just focus on the next thing. – Ankur, Founder, Akosha

The Beginning

Akosha was born when I had a bad experience with Airtel and fought with them for over 5 hours to get them to remove wrong GPRS charges.

A Day in office

Each day at Akosha is exciting and different. We start our day at 10am and people often stay later than 7pm. My time is spent reading, thinking, encouraging, prodding, inspiring other team members. It’s a challenging place to work but we are passionate people.

What we’re upto?

Today, 180,000 customers have used us and we have 300+ brand relationships. In the immediate future, we will launch a benchmarking analytics product and plan to increase our revenue by 6x.

We’re looking for

We are growing like hell and we need extremely sharp people like you to come and join the joyride. Here are few openings to mention

1. Java Developers

2. Data Analytics Consultants

3. Quality Analysts

4. Operations & Sales.


Life at Akosha…



So, does solving consumer problems appeal to you? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Ankur, Vishal, Avinash & the Akosha team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


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(UPDATED) Prelude to Batch 9: Open House Series. Chennai (16 Dec), Delhi (18 Dec), Bangalore (27 Dec), Mumbai (28 Dec), Pune (29 Dec)

We are accepting applications of Startup Acceleration Program Batch 9 right now. The last date to apply is December 31, 2012. As always we are doing a series of Open Houses across some major cities in India to meet early stage entrepreneurs. The first one will be in Chennai (Madras). More details & link to register below:

What is a TM open house?

TM Open House is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse inside TM, you can discuss your startup, ask questions, interact with us or just hang-out with other founders. You can meet our portfolio company founders  & ask them first-hand experiences of being a part of @morpheusgang.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs who are thinking about applying for TM – Batch 9 but want to have a face to face chat before they do so
  • Start-up founders who want to just use us as a sounding board  & discuss their ideas / ventures / issues faced etc
  • Entrepreneurs who just want to come by & have interesting conversations

How do i register?

Look below for the city you want to participate in, you’ll find a link to Register for the event. Pick a slot and add in your details. Please do not over-write on someone else’s slot.

When & where are the Open Houses?

After Chennai we’re in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune.


  • Date: December 16, 2012 (Sunday)
  • Time: 0300 pm to 0700 pm
  • Venue: 
    • emo2 offices: # 27, Circular Road, United India Colony, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600024
    • Landmark: Near D A V School
    • Gmaps Link: emo2 Office, Chennai
  • Register: Please signup here. (Please do not over-write on someone else’s slot)
  • Who’ll be there: Sameer Guglani & few members of @morpheusgang


New Delhi:

  • Date: December 18, 2012 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 11:30 am to 0730 pm
  • Venue: 
    • 57, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Adchini, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    • Landmark: On the main raod, Opposite to Adarsh Yamaha & Dewan Bajaj look for a huge Tupples.com board
    • Gmaps Link: Delhi Open House Location
  • Register: Please signup here. (Please do not over-write on someone else’s slot)
  • Who’ll be there: Nandini HirianniahSarvjeet Ahuja & few members of @morpheusgang



  • Date: December 27, 2012 (Thursday)
  • Time: 11:30 am to 0730 pm
  • Venue: 
    • Watchy Offices: #1025, 3rd Flr, V3Trinity, 80ft Road, Koramangala, Bangalore-560 034, Karnataka.
    • Landmark: Second Signal Coming from Sony World to Agara. Wipro Signal. Look for Natural Ice-Cream Parlor, Its the building next to Natural’s
  • Register: Please signup here. (Please do not over-write on someone else’s slot)
  • Who’ll be there: Nandini HirianniahSameer Guglani& few members of @morpheusgang



  • Date: December 28, 2012 (Friday)
  • Time: 11:00 am to 0700 pm
  • Venue: 
    • SutraHR offices, 301 B, Annapurna
      Above Mumbai Darbar Hotel, Near Adarsh Nagar Signal,
      Off New Link Road, Lokhandwala-Oshiwara Area,
      Andheri, Mumbai – 400102
    • Gmaps Link: Mumbai Open House Location
  • Register: Please signup here. (Please do not over-write on someone else’s slot)
  • Who’ll be there: Nandini Hirianniah & few members of @morpheusgang



  • Date: December 29, 2012 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11:30 am to 0730 pm
  • Venue: 
    • Learning-Outcomes Offices, B 208, Parmar Residency, NIBM Road , Kondhwa, Pune
    • Landmark: Opposite Cuppa Cafe and Chai Cafe
  • Register: Please signup here. (Please do not over-write on someone else’s slot)
  • Who’ll be there: Nandini Hirianniah & few members of @morpheusgang

GrexIt turns into a email-centric collaboration tool, gets TechCrunched & ropes in more customers

When we invested in GrexIt, it was a simple, focused tool that helped companies save knowledge and information from dying in email inboxes. It was tightly integrated with Gmail/Google Apps, worked really well, and got a lot of love from early adopters, media and email power users. It went ahead to be the only company in India with an investment from the Citrix Startup Accelerator in October 2011.
As the team at GrexIt continued to work with its early users – one thing became clear: email was the defacto collaboration tool for most people, and yet, it was so broken as a collaboration tool. It lacked any kind of functionality to help teams assign tasks, track their status, or share and centralize information effectively. And within a span of just 3 months, GrexIt extended and tweaked its functionality to target this huge problem area.
GrexIt now is a an email collaboration tool that helps companies collaborate on projects, customer support, sales and hiring right from their email inboxes. GrexIt was recently covered in TechCrunch, and has quickly roped in lots of impressive paying customers.
TM wishes GrexIt luck in going after this huge opportunity!

Advisors by Choice, Investors by Chance

A wise man once said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards“.

The dots seem to be connecting for our very own Entrepreneurial Duo – Nandini and Sameer and they spell nothing less than spectacular. Nandini and Sameer can trace their humble beginning to advising a handful of start-ups in India, mentoring them, advising them and bringing them together as a community of entrepreneurs who can learn from each other and make less mistakes.

Today they are well known in the startup ecosystem and the ‘The Morpheus’ has secured its name as a prominent Accelerator and has accelerated close to 70 companies and counting.

Indeed the Investors by chance or shall we say Investors of Choice(Shout out to all you Entrepreneurs out there………..).

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RedQuanta(TM Batch 3) – One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

These words aptly symbolize the entrepreneurial spirit of  adventure in the hearts of The Morpheus gang members.

While most B-School graduates take the well-trodden path to join their dream company, only handful of them are adventurous enough and go on to build their dream company.

Pankaj Gugalni, the man behind RedQuanta (TM Batch 3) is definitely the one who loves adventure. Pankaj Guglani – passed out of the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, in 2007 and since then has went on to build RedQuanta.

RedQuanta primarily invites it’s registered users to go on a ‘undercover shopping frenzy’ to certain shops or restaurants and in return asks them to provide a genuine feedback.

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Plivo(TM Batch 6) – You got the message now!

“It’s been a long time coming
And the tables’ turned around
Cause one of us is goin’
One of us is goin’ down”

The message was loud and clear when Plivo(TM Batch 6) took the stage at  Y Combinator’s Demo Day, taking on Twilio, a popular pay-as-you-go API provider for the cloud.

The founders Venky Balasubramanian and Michael Ricordeau  were quick to point out the technical limitation of  Twilio. “Their company is built on Asterisk and doesn’t scale,” said Balasubramanian. Making it clear that ………..One of us(Twilio) is goin’ down.

Well at least, Twilio can’t complain that they din’t get the message.

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InterviewStreet(TM Batch 3) – Street that connects Bangalore to Silicon Valley.

Sounds like a Dream ? Well it is better, because it is TRUE.

Are you a young engineer passionate about programming and aiming for that coveted job at a small high-technology venture at Silicon Valley? Well CodeSprint contest run by InterviewStreet helps you achieve exactly that.

The Morpheus Batch 3 company InterviewStreet founded by Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran K  helps companies to recruit the right programming  talent. InterviewStreet helps Companies to create customized programming tests (in any language) and evaluate candidates based on their programming skills, all with real programming tests with their Web-based tools.

Get notified about CodeSprint 3.

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