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Recently we were working on bringing out a new initiative called ‘Open Projects’. This was basically a platform to connect companies in the morpheusgang with individuals to help them solve a specific set of their problems. While carving out the framework for this initiative, based on inputs from folks in the gang, we realised that this is not about connecting people with startups to solve their problems. It is about about the collective learning being exchanged. While there is immense learning to take away from a Startup, an individual comes with his/her own reflection of knowledge from outside.

These associations will not only help both individuals and people at Startups to grow as persons but also can either merge into full-time engagements or come out as an experience which will stay forever with both the parties for their respective future endeavours.

Hence, Learning Exchange Programme was conceived.


In a larger scheme of things, If all the people involved in a group starts contributing (giving) consciously, eventually everyone will start receiving consciously.

As we’re trying to understand how this will evolve, we are starting the learning exchange programme with the Open Projects initiative. This will be our first step into this wide-scope of possibilities that will help Learning Exchanges amongst people & groups.

What is an Open Project?

An open project is an initiative to foster learning exchanges between startups and individuals. Here, startups share their problems and individuals help fix them. These are those problems which don’t require immediate attention by the startup or come on low priority in task list, BUT are immensely important for a startup. Together it is an opportunity for both to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Why this initiative?

At Morpheus, we have always believed that the basic essence of a relationship is to help each other grow. By this learning exchange programme, individuals will be able to showcase their skills, while keeping the window of learning open and Startups will be able to engage with these individuals for a specific set of problems. Problems which will not only help individuals learn from new challenges but will also help them get a sneak-peak into the company’s culture & philosophy. Consecutively Startups will get a chance to learn from individuals on how they solve these problems. This would eventually help both parties understand eachother and then possibly collaborate.

What kind of projects?

We’ve kept it pretty open, so projects genre could span over Technology to Marketing to Content to Product to Design to Anything.

Who can apply?

Anyone who feels he/she can do it. As simple as that 🙂

Where can one apply?

Here – http://morpheusgang.com/open-projects


For now we have started it with Morpheus Gang companies and with minimal technicalities. Leaving the nature of the course of this initiative to evolve organically, we welcome constructive feedback from all of those who feel connected with this.

As this is just the beginning, everything from the origin of the idea to execution to maintenance, has evolved naturally on it’s own. We welcome everyone to be part of this programme in any capacity you can. If you are a Startup, and not part of the gang, but want to associate hence contribute, please feel free to drop a line at hq@morpheusgang.com

All queries would be happily answered at hq@morpheusgang.com

Lets exchange and learn!

Namaste 🙂

– Team Morpheusgang

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