Learnings from RIP Startup’s founder initiative

Startup is tough but moving on from a RIP startup is even tougher. At this particular time, founder goes through many things/ thoughts – blaming others/ blaming situations/ blaming oneself / RIP reasons and many more. We have observed that at this time, the founder needs 2 types of healing – professional and emotional. And believe it or not, there isn’t any much difference in both for him. Everything narrows down in life and it is very essential for them to move on as soon as possible and get on to another challenging ride.

In the Morpheus gang, we have been there and done that.

Last month, we provided ex-founders a platform to make ‘moving on’ easier and smooth – bit.ly/exfounder 

Being a part of Indian startup ecosystem from last few years, we strongly felt the need of such platform which can help ex-founders to connect with active startups. We firmly believe, founders who have applied themselves and created some value are a rare breed and can’t be found easily. They are assets who come with priceless experiences of “how not to do things” and active startups can invite these guys to be a part of their journey and could highly benefit from their experience.

With the above thought process we took ‘RIP startup’s founder’ initiative. The thought process was clear that connections would not just be limited to Morpheus gang companies but we will also be happy to connect candidates with companies outside the gang.
Few Stats:

No. of Founders applied – 21

Joined Morpheus gang companies – 5

In Process – 10

Couldn’t find a right match – 6

Gang companies participated – OnlinePrasad, Akosha, Watchy, OnlineRTI, IIMJobs, Cardback, Dwll.in, SutraHR, PocketScience, SocialCops, Airwoot, MyPrepMate, StoryPick, GetCloudEngine

Other companies – Blume Ventures (Applied 4)

Every founder has his own very interesting story and after hearing 20 more stories, it has further strengthened our belief that the main asset of an entrepreneur is his attitude and we at Morpheus gang will continue to have deep appreciation for this asset.

If you are a RIP startup founder – We’ve free hugs for you 🙂

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