Are you a founder of a RIP-startup? Come and contribute to another beautiful startup

The Morpheus is transforming into morpheus gang which is in short, a community for the founders, by the founders, of the founders. Read founders as people who have the passion of starting up enterprises/businesses/companies. (Read more about transformation here). Founders of RIP-startups have a very vital role to play in the startup community.

A good founder always has the founder’s attitude, he/ she never forgets the skills of taking ownership, taking initiative, taking care of people of employees or customers or vendors, being very careful with usage of resources and many more such things. This skill that can not be purchased in the job market, it can only be earned by being a founder & working hard. At morpheus we have a deep appreciation and respect for folks who have earned this skill, even though their company didn’t work out.

Outcome of starting a company as an entrepreneur is not binary, and in any of the case, the real value of the startup journey is personal growth of founders. The skill sets which you get while doing for your own startup are worth much more than many specialized skills.

So if you are a founder of a startup that is now Resting in Peace (RIP)  & you are looking to continue your startup journey by joining other beautiful startup at a key position to build real value, we would love to talk to you. In past, we have seen many ex-founders becoming a great assets/part of leadership teams in companies like  Akosha, SutraHR, Redquanta, Airwoot, & many others.

To start a conversation, send us an email at  ‘neoATmorpheusgangDOTcom’ with a brief about yourself / your startup / the type of role you are looking for.  We will personally work with you, understand you, & figure out a role that allows you to bring your unique gift to world. Everyone is here with a unique gift, just the right environment is needed to bring it to life.

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