Seeking a Startup job that will transform your life?

“There are many people who may not want to start out on their own, but are passionate about ideas and ready to become a part of an interesting innovation, great idea or a good small team to build real value”. In continuation with this thought process, we are starting an initiative of doing one-on-one meetings with folks who are seeking a startup job that will transform their life.

In startups, team with right capabilities and right attitude is very important. We have observed that in startups, employers don’t select employees but its a mutual selection. With the startup culture picking up in India, many people are now open and willing to explore the startup journey as a second line of leadership or as early stage employees who make key contributions. In both cases personal growth and learning are big factors

We have also observed that there are many people who are seeking good opportunities to learn and grow as  part a startup team. At the same time most of them have some apprehensions/ myths / questions which are stopping them to go forward. So if you are such a person, connect with us. After some basic filtering we will be happy to setup a time to meet with you and help resolve your apprehensions & answer questions , giving you an inside view of a startup. We will also connect the right folks with startups that may can offer suitable opportunities.

Why you should meet us?

– If you are very seriously considering joining a startup in near future

– If you have questions that you think we can help your resolve and help you make a decision


Why you should stay away?

– Its not a career guidance/ counselling session

– Its not for people who want to start a company

– Its not a networking (exchanging cards) event

To connect:

Please fill this form In case of any query, you can reach us at


Place and Time

  • Bangalore  – March 7 – 10, 2014
  • Mumbai – March 12 – 14, 2014
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