Health bound – One step at a time.

The Morpheus being the melting pot of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Struggles and Successes we get to interact with lot of Entrepreneurs on a daily basis. The one thing which we get to witness from the cockpit is the Yo-Yo Life of a Tech Entrepreneur(The Yo-Yo Life of a Tech Entrepreneur – A Cautionary Tale), now there is no doubt that the founders are the most passionate people for what they are set out to achieve ……… right? and if that was not the case, why the hell they would be the founders. Well that is both right and the cause for why they show such absolute and singular level of commitment.

Now sometimes the only thing that can stop a founder and his jedi powers from making a dent in the universe is their mortal self, yes! the combination of no sleep, late night food and stress to be always-on can take its toll, so it becomes a more of a strategic move to incorporate the discipline of taking good care of their health and be on top of their game.


So getting the insight from some of the founders who seem to have cracked the code :-

“Even the racing cars take pit stops! So take your ‘Strategic Timeouts’ correctly and at right time , get rejuvenated and come back strong“

– Prashant Pansare – Co-Founder –

Super sports analogy(No wonder he founded Playerify), he also goes on to mention his take away from his china trip about how chinese guys practice ‘power naps’, post lunch and how great the benefits are.

“Anxiety – and not just workload – can be a big contributor to stress. Anxiety about not knowing what the future holds, about how you’ll be judged if you fail, etc. This is why it becomes so important to enjoy the journey and focus less on the destination”

– Aashish Gupta – Founder – PlanMy.Travel

He also mentions exercise, meditation and taking time off all work to counter anxiety.


“Even when you are high as a kite, you are subjecting your body to stress. In a startup it is particularly difficult to switch off and that is one of the prime reasons for stress and delayed recovery for seemingly routine sickness like viral fever etc.”

– Rishi Kar – Founder/CEO – Learning Outcomes

He says this is another skill set founders have to learn and develop as part of the startup journey and one that should not be neglected.

“It’s like long bike rides. I enjoy long drives and never feel tired during the ride. But once I’m back home and lie down on the bed , I feel like dead meat and sleep for hours. Apparently the mind conceals the stress of the body”

– Srix Sriramkumar – Founder –

 He recommends giving your body more rest and stealing some extra hours to sleep.

“You’re doing an 18 hour shift every day for months at end with absolutely no willingness to compromise on anything at all – since it’s your ‘baby’  – as we entrepreneurs like to call it. And babies poop every other hour, throw up and need attention all day long. And there’s no way for you to take a break from it. And that is going to take a toll on your body, no matter how positively/spiritually you chose to look at it. I think it’s wiser to accept it and have a plan in place to accommodate it in day to day life. That ways you continue to do what you love, and your batteries last longer.”

– Saurabh Mathur – Co-Founder/CEO –


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