One52 poised to expand a world-class adaptive learning engine – tech rockstars wanted!

We want students preparing for competitive exams to get targeted practice to save time and improve faster. That’s how we thought of building One52 – Deepak, Founder, One52

The beginning

Competitive exam models are evolving. We believe that a “one size fit all” approach to training for entrance exams (GMAT, CAT and others) doesn’t work.  So we created a study platform based on a smart algorithm that continuously adapts to each student.

A ‘smart algorithm’? ‘Adaptive learning’? Huh?

Our students prepare better for competitive exams because we use Item Response Theory to help identify a student’s true ability in different learning areas. Our Adaptive Recommendation Engine fast-tracks the learning process, by adapting a student’s study plan based on their learning history.  Our algorithms have been scientifically designed and refined by test takers and experts over time.

What we’re upto?

Right now, we have 2200+ users (last 500 users in less than a month);administered 40,000+ questions; and we’re seeing lots of positive traction in the market.

We are excited to introduce psychometric testing into the engine to enhance our assessment solutions. We will also build a brand that recognizes One52 as a world class assessment engine.

We’re looking for

A technology rockstar to help our one man army of developers. One52 is based on a .NET platform and uses the ‘R Project’ for statistical calculations. People with a penchant for marketing, brand building and unique ideas should also stay in touch.


Meet Deepak Nanwani & Rohit Gulati from One52…


Want to work with adaptive learning & assessment platforms? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Deepak & Rohit, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


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