Learning Outcomes wants you! Join the fight for better performing schools in India

Learning Outcomes was something I did during my layovers enroute home – Rishi, Founder, Learning Outcomes

The beginning

Learning Outcomes started out as an experiment. However, the response to the MVP and the potential for creating real impact convinced me to quit my job and build a product that re-imagines school assessments.

A defining moment

All the need-gap analysis could have never prepared us for the challenge of building our business – we have had to make up imaginary kids, fight with security guards and resort to using lines like “I am like your son only” to secure a meeting with the school principals. After dramatic mornings, we come back to create India’s outcomes based reporting suite using R/Python/Django/Android/MongoDB /MySQL/VBA/Excel.

What we’re upto?

We work with schools in Pune, Nashik, Bangalore and expanding to Delhi and Mumbai. We are helping the premier educational board in India on a custom assignment & started an extremely presitgious scholarship evaluation assignment.

Our team personality?

We’re extremely sensitive towards our customers. We are fun, flexible and as laid back as a growing start up can afford to be! We don’t tolerate nonsense. We work hard. We promise there will be no bullshit team building activities for the heck of it.

We’re looking for

People who have good mathematical aptitude and are willing to get their hands dirty. We love to try out our ideas instead of ‘brainstorming’. We are hiring
1: Android Application developers (Specialist Role)
2: Business and Operations Analyst(Generalist Role)

Deets here: http://blog.learning-outcomes.com


Meet some of the guys behind Learning Outcomes… 


Do have the skills to help design outcome based reporting for Indian schools? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Rishi & the Learning Outcomes team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


Know more about Hug-a-Startup here

Register for the event here

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