Gearing up for a moonshot: Airwoot transforms how companies engage consumers

We think the digital technology exists today to fundamentally change how companies and consumer interact with each other. We believe that a few great people can make a big difference  –  Saurabh, Founder, Airwoot (Memetic Labs)


The beginning

At first, we mined consumer buying intentions from twitter to predict spending. But, our data showed more consumers were complaining about the product than endorsing it. We realized that there was no tool out there to help international brands handle social engagement.

Today, we’re building Airwoot: the smartest support helpdesk by re-thinking customer support, enterprising social and making analytics actionable in real-time.

On a typical day

You can find us at 91springboard – a warehouse turned into a cool co-working space in Delhi filled with great energy. We work in sprints, which are 7 days long tasks, to stay focused and achieve our targets. We take team lunch very seriously – it’s where we smash crazy ideas at each other discussing art, politics, philosophy and technology.

What we’re upto?

We successfully launched Barometer, a real-time infographic which gauges brands on social customer support performance. We now serve top e-commerce brands as anchor customers. We are geared for the product launch in May.

With Airwoot, we have just started scratching the surface in re-shaping customer support and we have tons of ideas lined up for next months and years to come.

We’re looking for

Passionate people who would like to join our mission to bring radical design changes in our lives with the use of technology. You’ll work with a small team of data scientists and hackers striving to develop products that deliver high performance and better predictive ability – we’re aiming for a moonshot!

Tags: backbone.js, html5, machine learning, natural language processing.


Life at Airwoot…



Predictive, real-time data technology will radically change lives. Curious? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Saurabh, Prabhat & the Airwoot team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


Know more about Hug-a-Startup here

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