A ‘secure’ lining for every cloud in 60 sec: join Secpanel at the frontlines of cloud security


Working at Secpanel is not a regular job. We are changing the way people secure servers.  It will take more than just a ‘job’ mindset to do it. – Rudhir, Founder, Secpanel


The Beginning

I saw the need for a security tool while working as a security consultant in a hosting company. I could see that a tool like Secpanel could help a lot of people.  With Secpanel, you can secure your cloud server easily and simply – it takes 60 secs and a single click to get up & running.

A typical day in the office is

Talking to customers, coding, listening to music, munching on high carbohydrates (ouch!), thinking. We often simulate security penetration testing (or hack testing) within our network to test a new feature of Secpanel.

What we’re upto?

More than 1600 servers have taken up Secpanel just this year. We want to develop our product further and acquire more customers. We are looking for people who are smarter than us to help us build a better product and/or to evangelize Secpanel.

We’re looking for

Somebody who thinks out of the box, hates status quo and loves freedom. You need to be very good at what you do. This means for:

… Techies: You love programming and can hack your way into any thing. Better still: You have worked on C/C++/PHP or Python.

…Business people: You have done sales for 2+ years and understand technology. Better still: You have sold to the hosting industry or sold hosting/servers etc.


Life at Secpanel…




Does a creative workplace at the forefront of  cloud security appeal to you? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Rudhir & the Secpanel team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?


Know more about Hug-a-Startup here

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