GrexIt turns into a email-centric collaboration tool, gets TechCrunched & ropes in more customers

When we invested in GrexIt, it was a simple, focused tool that helped companies save knowledge and information from dying in email inboxes. It was tightly integrated with Gmail/Google Apps, worked really well, and got a lot of love from early adopters, media and email power users. It went ahead to be the only company in India with an investment from the Citrix Startup Accelerator in October 2011.
As the team at GrexIt continued to work with its early users – one thing became clear: email was the defacto collaboration tool for most people, and yet, it was so broken as a collaboration tool. It lacked any kind of functionality to help teams assign tasks, track their status, or share and centralize information effectively. And within a span of just 3 months, GrexIt extended and tweaked its functionality to target this huge problem area.
GrexIt now is a an email collaboration tool that helps companies collaborate on projects, customer support, sales and hiring right from their email inboxes. GrexIt was recently covered in TechCrunch, and has quickly roped in lots of impressive paying customers.
TM wishes GrexIt luck in going after this huge opportunity!
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