Plivo(TM Batch 6) – You got the message now!

“It’s been a long time coming
And the tables’ turned around
Cause one of us is goin’
One of us is goin’ down”

The message was loud and clear when Plivo(TM Batch 6) took the stage at  Y Combinator’s Demo Day, taking on Twilio, a popular pay-as-you-go API provider for the cloud.

The founders Venky Balasubramanian and Michael Ricordeau  were quick to point out the technical limitation of  Twilio. “Their company is built on Asterisk and doesn’t scale,” said Balasubramanian. Making it clear that ………..One of us(Twilio) is goin’ down.

Well at least, Twilio can’t complain that they din’t get the message.

Read the full article at VentureBeat





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