Open House: Meet The Morpheus co-founders

It is customary for The Morpheus, co-founders to be available at “Open Houses” in various cities when Applications are open for our Startup Accelerator Program.  (More on applications here)  We are kick-starting our Open House series for Batch 6 from Mumbai this time.

What is a Morpheus open house?

The Morpheus Open House is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse inside The Morpheus, you can discuss your startup, ask questions, interact with us or just hang-out with other founders. We are doing a series of open houses across 5 major cities, details are mentioned below. You can book a 30 mins slot to interact with us.

Drop by even if you dont have plans to apply to our Startup Acceleration Program, we love meeting interesting people. Both of us (Sameer  & Nandini) like coffee, movies, random conversations & more… 🙂

Where & When will the Open Houses be this time?




UPDATE: For those who did not get a slot to book at Open House and those who’d like to meet with The Morpheus, we’ve extended our stay in Bangalore by another day. If you want to meet up on Sunday, please drop me a note on nATthemorpheusDOTcom.


UPDATE: We’ve cancelled the Chennai Open House this time around as there were not too many registrations.  If you are from Chennai and would like to meet someone from The Morpheus, please write to us on neoATthemorpheusDOTcom. You can also book at slot at the Bangalore Open House above or write to us, as we are spending an extra day at Bangalore, now.

Delhi, NCR:

Looking forward to many interesting interactions. See you!

PS:  In case all slots are taken in your city or these dates dont work for you, drop us a line : neoATthemorpheusDOTcom

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  1. bhuvanesh Says:

    Hi, I would like to drop in for the chennai open-house if you guys can make it!

  2. pinku Says:

    No Kolkata?

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