Can I run my startup part-time?

Here is another common query from potential applicants

In those 4 months of mentoring, do you expect the team to be present full-time?

Answer: Part time Entrepreneur is an Oxymoron

  • The only way to be a startup founder is by doing it full time – there is nothing called “part time¬†entrepreneur or part time founder”
  • Building a business requires total commitment & belief in the venture by the team
  • Leaving your jobs is the most important aspect (and first step) of displaying that commitment
  • If you are not sure enough to leave your job for the venture – how can you expect anyone else to believe in your venture?
  • We are open to accepting applications from teams where founder(s) are still working but are ready to quit and be full time if accepted
  • We take pride in getting people to quit their jobs & become full-time¬†entrepreneurs & will be happy to help you figure it out. But first you have to makeup your mind about it
  • We expect see the team full time not just for the 4 months but for much longer because it takes minimum 1-2 years of non stop hardwork in Indian conditions for a venture to properly take off
  • Summary
    • If some founders do not plan to be full time – we would advice to apply without them
    • If none of the founders plan to be full time – we would advice you not to apply
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  1. Sushma Says:

    Eagerly awaiting your response to happily chuck my job and start on my life goals!

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