Are you genetically wired to be an entrepreneur?

We started accepting applications for our next batch of startups (batch5) on Sept. 10 2010, and have been getting different type of queries from founders.  Here is one that landed in my inbox today – Is The Morpheus interested in mentoring/seeding entertainment/lifestyle services space or not? I thought it may be a good idea to share my answer with a larger community of entrepreneurs via our blog.

Here is what we look for:

  • Individuals / teams that are genetically wired to be entrepreneurs:
    • Folks who cannot think of doing anything else irrespective of what business they end up building
    • Folks who would just not give up – doesn’t matter how bad the situation gets – they can always see light at the end of the tunnel
  • We are open to ideas / products from all domains  – which have the potential to:
    • Build a large base of engaged customers
    • Scale to annual revenues INR 50-100 Cr in 5-7 years
  • We don’t give very high weightage to the initial ideas but give a lot of weightage to the “team” – because in most cases initial ideas evolve / mutate beyond recognition

Summary – We work on identifying teams of genetically wired entrepreneurs who have the desire / passion /ability to build 50-100 Cr business in 5-7 years. So if you think you fit the bill – We are looking for you – Apply here

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