Four days of Naach-Gyaan: Our 1st startup gurukul

In the summer of 2007, the moment Sameer & Nandini’s last startup Madhouse got acquired, another one started brewing in their heads. This time the plan was bigger and the idea was beyond running a startup, but kick-starting several of them. One year later after the acquisition, Morpheus was born with Instablogs as the first company in the portfolio, with other kick-ass companies being added to the “gang” in the subsequent 18 months.

Aptly Morpheus was named after the greek god of dreams; to a more real (fictional to some) world captain of Nebuchadnezzar who brings the dreams back to the residents of the last human city.

Then in the 2009 summer, I joined. This summer we are adding another 7-8 startups (names to be announced on 10th June) which brings further variety in our portfolio from automotive, eco-textile, health-care to touch computing.

This weekend from 10th – 13th we are doing our 1st ever startup gurukul on the outskirts of Bangalore, where we are bringing the founders of our portfolio companies under one roof and kicking it off with “Apuroop” — a demo day. At Apuroop, Morpheus companies will be doing 5 minutes show & tell to investors & media.

We are also delighted to partner with Sequoia Capital who are supporting us in our initiative and sponsoring the gurukul.

We have come a long way since our nimble start where we were doing just mentorship to now where we are also investing a small amount of INR 5 Lakhs in each of the startups. There are more exciting things coming out of our bag, controlling my excitement, we would unravel them as time passes.

Thanks for participating with us!

Indus Khaitan

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6 Responses to “Four days of Naach-Gyaan: Our 1st startup gurukul”

  1. Pranav Bhasin Says:

    That is great news! Congrats on reaching this milestone and best wishes for the road ahead.

  2. Abheek Says:

    This is indeed a great initiative and I hope this will stir up other organizations dealing with startups (esp incubators) and show them the way to do things!

    Looking forward for an ultra productive and fun time!

  3. Deven Shah Says:

    Congratulations team morpheus! Like the combination of Naach-Gyaan 😉

  4. Ankit Govil Says:

    Great news…. all the best for the great initiative.. Please upload the selected teams fast 🙂

  5. Sachin Says:

    Remember John Naisbitt’s book, Megatrends? When it was published in 1982, he used content analysis (based upon methods initiated by the U.S. Army during World War II in Germany) to identify and categorize 10 major, global trends.

    The question now – what are the next big trends? What are the implications by these new ventures coming up in your new batch and clients?

    I look forward to find the answers in upcoming business models and ventures supported by Morpheus.


    Best wishes,


  6. The Morpheus Strartup Gurukul | Emo | Emotion Squared Says:

    […] companies for an extensive four day event for discussions. You can read more about the event at The Morpheus Blog. We will be showcasing our multi-touch surface table at the event for the very first […]

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