The Morpheus open house – on Saturday, 27 Feb

Calling all entrepreneurs to meet The Morpheus team. This Saturday we will be hanging out @ Java City, Church Street, Bangalore, 1200 pm – 0600 pm.

Just come over for a coffee if you would like to chat with us. To help us manage the time please drop a comment below with your preffered time slot.

Look forward to seeing you. B-plans not required 🙂

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26 Responses to “The Morpheus open house – on Saturday, 27 Feb”

  1. Rishabh Verma Says:

    Please do such a thing in Chandigarh too !

  2. Ashwin Agrawal Says:

    I would like to meet you in person.

    I have a startup idea and need your help in execution. I will visit Java City on Saturday by 4:00 PM.

    Ashwin Agrawal

  3. Ashwin Agrawal Says:


    I will come to Java City on saturday at 3:00 PM to meet you guys and discuss about my idea.

    Ashwin Agrawal

  4. Shabbeer Says:

    5 PM.

  5. Raxit Sheth Says:

    Great Going Guys ! I think many help startups and eco-system required is here. All the very best.

  6. Shreekant Says:

    Greetings Morpheus team,

    My name is Shreekant and I have a team of over 30 people developing iPhone products and other stuff. I would love to have a general chat with you with a cup of rock n’ roll played by not so old guys at Java city!

    Hope to see you at 5.00 pm.


  7. Sameer Panchangam Says:

    Post lunch

  8. Rakesh Says:

    I will meet you guys at 4:00 PM.

    Team Why?Newton

  9. Nayan Says:

    We will be @5pm

  10. karthick Says:


    i can come between 4 to 6 for the chat…


  11. Anuj Says:

    See you guys at 4 PM

  12. Rahul M Says:


    I will be coming between 3:30 and 4.

    Look forward to seeing you all.



  13. Sourabh Shama Says:

    Hi Indus, Sameer & Nandini,

    Like the MVP initiative and the overall informal approach you
    guys have.

    I’m one of the founders of Milaap – a for profit social enterprise – a web startup which enables everyday individuals to make an impact at the bottom of the pyramid.

    Seems like everyone wants to come in the evening, so I’ll see you guys at 2pm tomorrow.


    Cell (+91) 9741300220

  14. Paul Joseph Says:

    Hi Indus! I think this is a great opportunity you guys at Morpheus are providing. I do not have an IT start-up idea though!

    I am interested in the food products sector, but I do hope I can meet with you guys just briefly for some direction at 12 noon.

    Thank you for your time and help. Looking forward to meeting…
    Paul Joseph

  15. Himanshu Says:


    Thats a gr8 idea indeed!. Would like to meet you at 1430 hrs for a chat about some of my ideas,

    Hope to see you at Java City !


  16. Shashi Says:


    Will be there around 12-12:30.

    Hoping to get some direction and advice!


  17. Niladri chowdhury Says:


    Will like to meetup, afternoon session will be great


  18. Sameer Guglani Says:


    Thanks for the amazing response. We are looking forward to meet each one of you. In case there are clashes you might have to hang for some time.

    Folks who have not been able to leave a comment, thats fine – just drop by.

  19. Bhuvan Says:

    Will be interesting knowing you. Will meet early in the afternoon.

  20. B P Agrawal Says:

    I would like to meet you in between 1:30 to 2 PM

  21. Jayesh Says:

    Hope 2-3 pm is still good 🙂 Would like to meet then

  22. Lakshmanan Says:

    We would be there arnd 4 o Clk.

    Thanks ,

  23. Aswin Says:

    Awww, missed it… are you guys planning for a version 2.0?

  24. richa Says:

    Hi Sameer, Nandini and Indus,

    Great initiative. Would love to meet up. But I just saw this post! 🙁
    Do you have another meet up planned anytime soon?

    My husband and I are opening a new business, planned launch late march / early april. Would love to bounce our ideas off you and get feedback, and possibly help in the execution.


  25. indus Says:


    Why don’t u drop a note to us at and we’ll follow up.


  26. indus Says:


    Please drop us a note and one of us shall follow up with you.


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