Robotics start-ups come of age in India

Business Standard covers a story on the state of robotics start-ups in India. Considering that Robots by Indian entrepreneurs are being developed at less than half the cost of imported ones, there is a growing interest for quality products at half the price!

A Blue Star executive says:

We have been providing the duct-cleaning services to our customers since last four years. Over a period of time dust gets accumulated in these ducts and makes the air polluted. These ducts needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, but they also need to be inspected. For which we need robots. Earlier we were importing them but now the same is being provided by Robosoft Systems.

With India’s robotics density being one of the lowest, there is a growing demand in the educational sector. On that, Abheek Bose, Founder of Robots-Alive, a Morpheus Venture Partner portfolio company, is further quoted:

We want to provide a platform for robotics which is much beyond education. Our focus will be on the education sector and small and medium enterprises. We are providing a full platform for colleges and schools to build curriculum around it.

With growing interest in industrial automation & increasing quality consciousness; Robotics are coming of age. The demand for such systems will only increase from here.

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