Startup Essentials: Social Leverage

Sahil shared an article today about “Why not to start a company in today’s time” and the importance of social leverage,

The social leverage part is extremely critical in the success of today’s agile, low cost and young startup. On the internet this is one of the most important (and free) marketing tool available and if you are not taking advantage of it, you are really getting behind and handing valuable advantage to your competition:

My recommendations:

  • Each and every founder needs to become a “Social brand” and be socially active online to be visible and make friends with people who can help your start up.
  • Things to focus on:
    • Develop a social personality
      • have an independent voice, stand for something
      • have a clear and sharp point of view
      • take stands, share and express opinions
      • aim to become opinion leader / influencer in your space
    • Have an active personal blogĀ  (minimum 2-3 posts a week)
    • Read relevant blogs and be aware of stuff happening in the blogosphere
    • Have accounts and be active on – linkedin, twitter, facebook, friendfeed, commenting on other blogs etc
    • Teach this stuff to all folks in your company (every google product has an independent blog, maintained by the product manager and his team)
    • Reach out and connect with folks who are also social personalities on line via facebook, e-mail, linked, twitter etc
      • bloggers
      • fellow founders
      • other socially active folks
    • Take the relationship further to phone, email, face-to-face with interesting and useful folks

What are your views?

Update: Sahil sent in post about how you SHOULD NOT get trapped in social media blitz

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