Making It Natural: First MVP Founder's Meet

MVP ended this calendar year with its First Founders Meet at Bangalore. This day long affair had enthusiastic participation from MVP companies and a few other promising startups.

When we started thinking about the First Founders Meet, we discussed various models and possibilities and finally put down a few goals / objectives of the meet:

1.       A closed, focused group that will listen to the challenges of startups and give their inputs / ideas of how to best overcome them

2.       Select, experienced experts from the startup circuits who will share their experiences, give opinions and interact with the entrepreneurs

3.       An occasion where the MVP founders will get to know each other better


LifeMojo’s Session

So we kick started the day with a few internal sessions where MVP companies presented their immediate and future challenges and got a few innovative solutions.


Over lunch, Indus Kaitan, Chief Plumber of Sezwho, shared his experiences as an entrepreneur and had a few tips and advise for budding entrepreneurs.


After lunch, Subrata Mitra of Accel shared his experiences as an entrepreneur / investor, besides answering a series of questions from the audience. Questions ranged from B2B / Enterprise sales to the most important milestones for a company before looking for funding. Subrata, with his immense experience, sense of humor and candid rhetoric not just gave ample tips to the entrepreneurs, but also manage to keep us all captivated (a great achievement for a session immediately after a heavy lunch;) )


Another power-packed session filled with questions ranging from how to convert a proprietorship to a private limited to matters of hiring, protecting IP, IPO (wish we see many IPO companies out of the MVP gang) etc was what we all indulged in when Sharda Balaji from Novojuris – a legal firm with special focus on working with Startups interacted with the folks.

harish_sessionHarish’s Session

Starting at 10 am we had intentions of ending the day at 6 pm. But to my surprise when we went into another session with Harish Gandhi of Cannan Partners at 6 pm, all participants were as charged as they were in earlier sessions. (Guess this is a part of the startup madness – untiring enthusiasm and the zeal to learn more). This was the last session we had where Harish interacted will all of us answering questions specific to early stage investments, India based services companies serving US clients and matters of Indian Mobile Service providers.



The first MVP Founders Meet was a fun filled day with immense learning’s, great interactions and amazing ideas for MVP companies to take home. Here are some reactions from the MVP gang on the Founders Meet:

“It was a very good arrangement yesterday and we had a lot of fun + got lot of good feedback and gyan. Thanks to you for organizing the event.” – LifeMojo Team

“Thanks for organizing such a fantastic event and looking forward to more of these.” – CommonFloor Team

“Due to our impending launch , we have not been able to make it to the event and let me say we are surely missing it. It has been a terrific last 4 months interacting with whole of the gang and it would have been great meeting all of you in person, hopefully Sameer and Nandini  will  keep on providing these platforms , we surely will make it to the next one .” – Team Fachak

“Founders meet concept offers a very nice sounding board, for idea validation and improvements.” – Team Storrz

Team Sutra recounts their Bangalore visit and the MVP Founder’s Meet experience here.

And finally… Entrepreneur is King 😉 rizwan_sutra

UPDATE: Here are all the pictures of the event, a memory to cherish for the ones who participated and an update for those who couldnt make it:  MVP First Founder’s Meet Pictures

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9 Responses to “Making It Natural: First MVP Founder's Meet”

  1. kris nair Says:

    awesome! great going MVP and team!

  2. guglanisam Says:

    thanks kris!

  3. Ankit Says:

    It was a great interaction between everyone.

    Kudos to Nandini and Sameer for the event.
    Looking forward to more meets and events by Morpheus Ventures in the future.

  4. Sumit Says:

    Well organized. Kudos to Sameer, Nandini and all MVP companies to make it happen.

  5. Sahil Parikh Says:

    Looking forward to more of these events by MVP. Wish the DeskAway team could have attended this event.

    Wish you all a very Happy & Productive New Year!


  6. Rizwan Says:

    Hehe…nice article…and I like the king part 😉

  7. Making It Natural: First MVP Founder’s Meet « sameer’s blog Says:

    […] Making It Natural: First MVP Founder’s Meet   […]

  8. anand Says:

    Will Non-MVP startups be allowed in the future meets ?

  9. Nandini Says:

    @ Anand: I think that should be possible. We did have a couple of Friends of Morpheus (Startups who are not a part of the formal MVP program yet) participate in the first meet too. Besides these long, full day events, we are also looking to have shorter, around the table interactions with one experienced person / team from the start-up circuit. Will keep you in the loop 🙂

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