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We have another “launch” from the MVP gang (Sutra launched sutrajobs about a month back). This weekend the team at Lifemojo has released the alpha version of their uber cool health and fitness product.  Watblog has published a review on their Startup Saturday Review

Congrats to the lifemojo team!

I have been using the product over the last few days and been stuck to it. It rocks! I have been tracking my diet (calories in) and activities (calories out) for about a week on lifemojo and have got enough data that I can now plan my diet/activities for the future.

What is lifemojo?

Lifemojo’s for you if you belong to one of the two groups:

  • Group A: People who are on a weight management program because they are overweight, diabetic, getting married or want to get married 😉
  • Group B: People who are fit and like to stay fit. These guys have a regular schedule of exercise / activities and they watch their diet.

If you don’t know which of the above groups you belong to Click Here to find out.

Lifemojo has a useful set of tools like Body Analysis (tells if your overweight or underweight or just normal), Lifestyle Analysis, Weight Tracking, Diet Planning and tracking, Planning your Exercise/Running schedule.

LifeMojo also has a whole lot of health tips and articles related to good health, preventive health care, etc.

Case Study

I told my my mom-in-law (aged 65) about it in the morning about 0915 am and she immediately wanted to use it. At 1015 am, I created an account for her on lifemojo and started tracking and planning her diets and activities. She is damn excited, sat with me for 40 minutes planning her diet, asking about calories of food items, asking about calories burnt in different activities. She already has a list of 10 people who she wants to refer, so that they can also take care of the diets and activities.

Her analysis so far based on the diet and activity planning

  • Daily calorie consumption : 1250
  • Daily calorie burn : 1210

She also has her diet tracking sheet printed and pinned up on her kitchen wall. I am sure she’ll move on to the mobile app. as soon as its launched (thats very soon!)

We would love to have you use the product and share your feedback so that team can continue to improve it.

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