Idea list and Knowledge base

Vaneet and Sarab talked to me today about a couple of useful lists/repositories which startups should maintain.

Idea list

A collection / repository of all ideas that pop into heads of team members or come as suggestions from someone outside the team. Goal of this list are:

  • Ensuring that no idea escapes without proper consideration
  • People dont have to leave everything and start discussing a new idea as they know they can go back to it later

As soon as any team member gets the idea or comes to know about it, make it mandatory for them to put in the idea list asap. One good way is to maintain idea list as a online document in google docs which all eligible members of the team have access to.

Review the list time to time to pick new tasks for execution, specially while planning new projects or product releases. Its the best collection of improvements, features, tasks you will have.

Knowledge base

A collection of information (documents, links, videos etc) which is relavant to a specific business function or the business as a whole. This should be created while team members are working on a particular task and come across useful information, they need to add it to the Knowedge Base of the company in form of a document, video or a link.

Assign one person in the company to maintain a table of all information which is part of the knowledge base. This will be extremely useful to bring new people upto the speed or when some one isĀ  taking up a new task. This way they dont need to start from ZERO.

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