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MVP portfolio company SutraHR recently launched SutraJobs.com, a new job board focused only on “Startup and Emerging companies”.  The Job board is another extension of Sutra’s vision of becoming the leading people solutions company with exclusive focus on “Startups and Emerging Companies”, Sutra will be launching more initiatives like this in future.

As an employer all you need to do is sign-up for a FREE account and complete the profile for your startup. You can upload all relevant information that an potential employee looks for in a start/emerging company.

  • Details about the founders
  • Vision of the company
  • What are you building
  • Funding details
  • Photos / Videos of the company
  • and more

A simple to dashboard can be used to create new job postings and manage them. The response from startups and candidates has been pretty good so far. So if you are hiring for your startup / emerging company go ahead give it a spin.

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3 Responses to “Hire the smartest people – For Free”

  1. RohanD Says:

    Do you think market for “Startup and Emerging companies” is big enough for this to be sustainable?

  2. guglanisam Says:

    @ rohan Nice question.

    Sutra is a people solutions company focused on startups and emerging companies. Their current solutions target the hiring budget of these companies and are doing quite well in terms of clients,revenues and margins. The client pipeline looks good as well.

    As they continue to work with this segment and understand it better, the natural evolution will be to introduce more people solutions targeted at other budgets like HR reports, training, travel & entertainment, etc.

  3. waqar azmi Says:

    Our research shows that in last 2 yrs more than 1 B$ has been invested in various companies in this space.a big chunk of this money would be spent in hiring and other ppl related stuff so the opportunity is quite big .

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