Finding affordable, passionate and trained team members

Vijay has a good post on The Startup Workforce, problem faced by start-ups in India (and most likely around the globe).

I agree with the thought process outlined in the post. The problem is real and common amongst all start-ups. Almost all the MVP companies face lack of trained folks, who are affordable and have the passion to go thru the grind. The areas where they feel the most pain are:

  • Tech : php, mysql, ajax, action script etc
  • Design: adobe, corel, design sense, wire frames etc
  • Online marketing: blogging, social network marketing, SEO/SEM, PR etc.

Solution proposed can work around forums like OCC, Barcamp and other similar grassroot communities, as they have already attracted folks interested in startups, hence the passion and interest bit is addressed. The next step can be to annouce this initiative in these forums via blogs/mailing lists and live announcements, find takers and kick it off. We can do a trial in 1-2 cities, learn from it and take it national.

MVP will be glad to be part of such an initiatve and work with the community to design the program, execute a trial, conduct training and absorb of the folks which come out.

One way we are trying to address this problem is by partnering with a set of service companies  (design, tech, online marketing, accounting, law firms etc) around the MVP companies. These service companies work as outsource partners and can pitch their services to other MVP companies, once they do a good job with 1-2 companies. The potential to get more business acts as an incentive to perform well with each individual company.

Even this model has worked for us in some cases and failed in some cases 🙂

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One Response to “Finding affordable, passionate and trained team members”

  1. Vijay Says:

    Sameer, Good to know that you agree. We should probably discuss this in a larger forum to figure out what I have missed out. I am sure that there is some perspective that I am possibly missing out on. Always help to lay a solid ground work.

    As for the part about what you are doing for the MVP companies, i guess you are getting companies to cater to the support services that a company requires right? I guess the design, legal etc which is one time activities are fairly simpler (until one of the company cant afford to pay and the design firm runs away and you start from square one – experience talking), but I’d assume it gets a lot tougher with day to day services like building the product.

    And the team is essentially the only asset for a startup. So yep, we do have some issues 🙂

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