Feedback for start-ups

Today afternoon, I was thinking about the topic of feedback for start-ups in some context and this post took shape.

As a part of the start-up ecosystem, there are many occasions when I (and many other folks) hear about a start-up from its founder(s), which is followed by a Q&A to better understand the venture. The expected next step for me is to share feedback on the start-up, based on my limited exposure to the venture as well as limited knowledge of that space.

I think its critical for the feedback to be absolutely honest and candid and not be edited / sugar coated. The feedback should be BLUNT but not RUDE.

At MVP we select and mentor start-ups and as of now we have 11 companies and 30+ founders who work directly with us and many more companies / founders whom we interact with regularly. I have experienced that, one of the things founders value the most is ‘brutally honest feedback’. In their view Entrepreneurship is not for the weak-hearted , one needs to be able to take every feedback/suggestion opinion coming in and use it to improve further.

While talking about your startup, in a way you are on a test bed, the feedback will tell you what real customers and real investors may tell you. Infact It’s true that BLUNT feedback does hit the entrepreneurs as their venture is very close to their heart, but good guys embrace the feedback and come out STRONGER on the other side.

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