Writing Job Descriptions / Job Profiles

Getting good people on board is the most important and one of the harder tasks for a startup team. A well written job description can go a long way in helping you find the right candidate. It can be sent to friends, bloggers, recruiters and other people who can help you find your dream candidate. Or you can put it up on your website / other relevant websites/ job boards.

Here are some things to keep in mind while preparing job descriptions:


The job description should include all the sections mentioned below:

  • Title of posting (e.g. : Looking for VP Engineering for a social media startup)
  • Name of the Position
  • Brief Intro of the company, what it does, who are the founders and other related stuff
  • Role
  • Responsibilities
  • Requirements
  • Compensation
  • Location: Bangalore/Mumbai/ San Francisco / etc.
  • Job Type: Full time/Part time / Free lancer
  • Start Date: Immediate/October First Week
  • Contact e-mail/phone
  • Link of company website
  • Link of jobs section on the company website (optional but good to have)


  • Feel free to add more sections and more information which  you think will add value to the JD
  • Keep the JD brief and interesting to grab the interest of intelligent and good candidates
  • Its fine if you want to give more than one position in the same post. Ensure that each position is clearly identified to avoid confusion
  • Remember to have the JD removed from various channels once the position is filled
  • Be sure to review the content , spelling, grammar, etc. of the JD at your end, since other people will just use what you send
  • Make sure whoever applies/sends resume is given response within a day or two, even if you are not interested in the candidate for the mentioned positions
  • If you engage a candidate in the interview process and end up not liking the candidate, make sure that the loop is closed with the candidate and he/she is informed about the decisions. Candidates appreciate this kind of professionalism and hate not being informed about the final outcome

We would love to hear your experiences/views on the startup hiring process. If you also have suggestions for the above post, please feel free to express them in the comments.

Update 1: Add a few more fields to the JD format based on inputs from sumit of commonfloor

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