Sri Ganesh

Today we are officially starting the MVP (morpheus venture partners) blog. “Sri ganesh” means “Let’s begin”. Ganesha is a hindu god who is remembered/worshiped while starting something new.

In this blog we plan to cover the following:

  • Give you updates on things happening with MVP
  • Give you news about MVP portfolio companies.
  • Post essays, thoughts, ideas and other things about creating, building and running early stage start-ups
  • Make a case for each of one of you take up entrepreneurship as a full time career 🙂
  • Some more fun stuff…

We are very keen to make this blog a discussions forum on various issues that concern the early stage companies in India or in other parts of  the world. So go ahead and share your thoughts, suggestions, questions, concerns  in comments….

Sri Ganeshai Namah.

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