Sameer Guglani

At The Morpheus Sameer works with portfolio companies on things like – strategy / product / sales / marketing / boot strapping  / plumbing   & what ever else is required to make the startup kick ass.

Sameer co-founded Madhouse Media in 2004, India’s first organized movie rentals company, which was acquired by Seventymm in 2007. Post acquisition he was Vice President – Corporate Strategy, Seventymm.  In his pre-madhouse avatar he was a hacker for startups like Sonim Inc, Telephia and worked across India, US and Europe.

Sameer is also an independent film maker with film festivals movies to his credit. He loves meeting people, traveling and reading.  Sameer managed to get a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from Thapar University, India. He blogs at You can also stalk him on twitter @guglanisam.


Nandini Hirianniah

Nandini Hirianniah

Serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of professional experience, Nandini has been a part of various media and technology startups. Nandini campaigns for the end customer and her core expertise is product design with special focus on usability & customer experience, and measurable marketing strategies. Nandini co-founded Madhouse Media in 2004, India’s first online/offline movie rentals company and successfully exited with acquisition by Seventymm in 2007. Post acquisition she was Associate Vice President – Communities Services and Web Products. Before this she has worked with moblf (mobile life), Times of India, Zee News, IBM & GE.

Her passions are traveling, trekking, theater and films. She is also an independent filmmaker. Nandini believes that India’s future lies in today’s entrepreneurs and startups. They will create a new wave in the economy, innovate and create wealth and value for themselves as well as the Indian economy.

Nandini has a MS in Communications from Bangalore University and bachelors in Journalism from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She blogs at You can follow her on twitter @nandinih.


Sarvjeet Ahuja

 Techie from the core, with 16+ years of professional experience, Sarvjeet had been working on various technologies and domains throughout his career. He has led architecture and technology design of various medium and enterprise products/services spread across manufacturing, telecom, payment and HR domains. Working initially on back-end systems, Sarvjeet moved on to web-based products and services then finally created his own start up to help other start up companies. His role involves helping start ups to find the best technology solutions within the constraints of start up bootstrapping.  Before that, Sarvjeet worked directly or indirectly with Microsoft, HP, PPI, Times of India and Shell.

His passions are traveling and reading online. He still has hands on and keeping his habit of writing good code and whenever he gets time, he has his eclipse and visual studio open in parallel.

Sarvjeet is a post graduate from IIT Roorkee. As most of the techies, he does not blog and hardly tweets. You can catch him at sa[at]

[12:38:36 AM]
[12:38:36 AM] guglanisam: do you have couple of minutes to talk about the payment thing
[12:39:32 AM] guglanisam: basically sending money outside India is a longish procedure and needs bunch of documentation
[12:39:43 AM] guglanisam: i have initiated it with my bank
[12:39:55 AM] guglanisam: they need a couple of documents from my CPA
[12:40:19 AM] guglanisam: but since March 31 is last day of Indian financial year – my CPA is terriblly busy
[12:40:41 AM] guglanisam: and will only be able to give me documents in april second week
[12:41:20 AM] guglanisam: I wanted to check if you will be fine if the money comes to you April second week  but form goes live today
[12:42:00 AM] guglanisam: as an alternative I can try to make the payment to your paypal account using my credit card
[12:42:03 AM] guglanisam: let me know