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Welcome to the world of startups!

Working for a start up can be a lot of stress OR a lot of fun, lot of learning, roller coaster ride (with amazing co-traveler’s), chance to create the future, chance to get a bit rich (or damn rich)! At the end of the day what you can gain by working for a startup depends upon you!

So, if you are somewhat curious about working with start-ups in India, you have come to the right place.  We have created this section to communicate & connect with folks like yourself.  You can start by reading this article by @guglanisam : Startup jobs are not for the weak hearted


Openings at Morpheus portfolio companies


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  • Airwoot is all set for “Moonshots”!
  1. Positions: TL – Machine Learning, TL – Front end engineering and TL – Backend Engineering
  2. Location: Delhi, India
  1. Positions: Super Ninja Tech CardNinja Curator Card, Ninja Tech Card and Ninja Marketing card
  2. Location: Delhi, India
  1. PositionRuby On Rails Developer, Inside Sales Executive and Business Development Executive
  2. Location: Mumbai, India
  1. PositionAssociate Maneger, Sales
  2. Location: Mumbai, India
  1. PositionDjango/ Python developer
  2. Location: Bangalore, India
  1. Position : Customer Support 
  2. Location:  Bangalore, India
  1. Position : PHP Developers, Sales/ Account Managers
  2. Location: New Delhi, India
  1. Position : Developer & more!
  2. Location: They are based in Bangalore
  1. Positions: Data Entry Executives, Php and Algorithm developer
  2. Location: Delhi, India
  1. Position : Web Content Editor, Online Marketing and AVP Marketing
  2. Location: Bangalore, India
  • Padhaaro  is looking for awesome co-founder!
  1. Positions : Co-founder (CTO even better)
  2. Location : Bangalore, India
  1. Position: Product Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer and Marketing
  2. Location: Bangalore, India.
  1. PositionProduct Managers, Front end (UI) developers, Back end developers, Digital Marketing manager, Territory Sales manager
  2. Location: Bangalore, India. Territory Sales manager (Pan India)
  1. Position: Admin Executive and Marketing Executive
  2. Location: Mumbai, India.
  • RedQuanta is looking for awesome, quirky, workaholics!
  1. Positions : CTO
  2. Location : Mumbai, India
  1. Position:  Engineering Lead Zot
  2. Location: Mumbai, India
  • SKS & Co. is Hiring!
  1. Position:  CA, Interns/ Articles
  2. Location: Delhi, Panchkula.
  1. Position:  Builder – Web, Builder – Android, Data Scientist
  2. Location: Delhi, India.
  1. Position: Java Developer, Customer Success Engineer and QA Automation Engineer
  2. Location: Bangalore, India
  • Zepo is growing fast & is looking for you!
  1. Position: Business Development Executive / Operations Executive / UI-UX Designer / Java Developer, HR Manager
  2. Location: Mumbai / Delhi / Bangalore, India

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You should also check out our portfolio page . If  there is a company you really want to work for but they don’t have an active job listing, just send us a mail saying how can you make a difference to them.

What you see here is the first version of this section. It has simple job listings of openings in The Morpheus Portfolio companies. The next versions will have features like – collection of articles about working in a startup,  forums to share your startup experience or to ask any questions, facility to apply to any morpheus portfolio company, etc. If you have any ideas or suggestions – please send them to us, we really value them!

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